Do you often feel demotivated at work?

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Have you ever tried to redesign your job according to the ingredients that keep you highly motivated, and energized during work: your strengths, passion, positive relationships and purpose?

Start with listing down the main tasks that keep you occupied during the day, weeks and months. What of those regular recurring tasks do you spend most of your time with, and what of those tasks need less of your attention? If you find most of your time doing things that you are not really productive at, and in addition you don’t feel excited and passionate about,  then you are also not able to use your talents and skills in a way that translate into strengths!

How do you know your strengths? Try to identify areas at work or private life where you feel a yearning and a flow –  things that come out naturally and do not require much efforts from your end. Dig into your past when you were still in high school or college. What were the things and activities that you could spend hours without bothering the time? Usually those are good clues and descriptions of you applying your strengths!

Do you get the necessary support and recognition from your boss, colleagues and clients? If employees don’t know how their efforts and expertise contribute to the organizational success, it will in most cases over time translate into some level of discouragement. However, in order to get positive feedback from others we need to also create positive impacts onto them e.g. in form of help and support that lead to successful completion of an overall task. This raises the questions if you have enough opportunities to create positive relationships to others at work place.

Last but not least, do you find meaning and purpose in the job that you are doing? Do you have the feeling that your work helps in improving the situations of many others? Sometimes, simply widening our view of what we are doing towards the overall outcome and contributing to a bigger group of people can drastically change the level of excitement and energy that we bring into our jobs.

Once you have clarity about those items discussed above, start connecting and grouping them so they give you a clear picture of how to focus and prioritize tasks in your job.


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Alex Wollboldt

Alex Wollboldt is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and has a decade of corporate professional history as Finance Head and Director in manufacturing and service industries in different locations such as Germany, Japan and the Philippines. He is a Director at Wissen Solomon, and a co-founder of StrengthsCoachPH, the pioneer team of strengths coaches in the Philippines. Alex also acts as co-director for OSG Global Consulting Inc. taking care of various areas involving private equity investments, financial advisory, M&A mostly in the Philippines and other South East Asian countries.
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