Wissen Solomon


Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission is to promote the growth of Philippine-based businesses by providing and developing expertise in business management, enabling them to focus their business further and deliver more value to their customers.

In partnering with businesses to create abundance for all, Wissen Solomon seeks to uphold the trust developed with business owners and leaders by maintaining integrity in its dealings as guided by Christian values and providing excellent customer service.

Why Wissen Solomon?

Consulting for Businesses

Wissen Solomon was formed specifically to provide management consulting and business management services, normally accessible only by large corporations, to businesses looking to develop and fuel their growth.

Our group is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals with solid and deep experience in varying fields of management. Our varied expertise can provide a 360° perspective of your business and assist you in developing into the next stage of your business. This, coupled with our certification as coaches and behavioural consultants by Light Core® (a renowned behavioural consulting firm in Canada), enables us to provide a unique framework for consulting catered to any operating environment.

We, at Wissen Solomon, recognize the unique challenges of each business and provide customized services and plans for them.


Business Digitization

Accelerate your business growth by capitalizing on the most relevant digital and online tools and strategies fit for your developing enterprise.

Financial Objectives & Strategies

Discover your underlying financial and operational situation and uncover critical decisions paths for streamlining and growing your enterprise.

Marketing and Business Operations

Develop targeted marketing strategies and executions based on customer insights and position yourself to deliver unique value to your customer.

Training and Coaching

Leverage on the strengths of your enterprise and focus your business fundamentals to unlock exceptional performance at every level.


Do you often feel demotivated at work?

Do you often feel demotivated at work?

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Effective Marketing …

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The Team

In Partnership With

Light Core

Light-Core is a business consultancy with a proven track record for revitalizing leadership skills, realigning strategies with behaviour, and transforming organizations for ongoing profitability, sustainable growth and continuous innovation.